Own your brand
and your customer journey

We help businesses build their brands, improve operational efficiency and generate breakthrough revenues through better customer management.


Deploy complete automation and manage your business transparently with real time dashboards and analytics. Access from anywhere, anytime and manage entire operations – from inventory to vendor management, expenses, payroll, CRM and ERP systems. Get them all in a single platform that is form-fitted for your business!

Decode your customers!

Have your own branded mobile application and let your customers experience an intuitive booking & appointment cycle. Automate your operations where all your customers can avail services and buy your products and share timely feedback. Let customers earn through referals and loyalty programs. Stay ahead of the game.

Be the best you can be!

ClientSome solutions makes it easy to add new SKUs to the existing inventory and track stock movement effectively.
Manage your Ageing and slow-moving stocks better. Limit leakages and have better stock management by managing your inventory in a seamless and automated environment.

Solve your toughest challenges

Certain problems require a little more than throwing multiple tools at it. You need a modular and extensible platform that helps you grow as your brand grows! ClientSome has structured solutions to all your challenges below.




  • Bookings & Appointments
  • Lead Management/ CRM
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Promo Codes/ Vouchers/ Memberships
  • Integrated communication/ reminders
  • Feedback & Survey Administering

Revenue & Branding



  • Self Branded Mobile App
  • Website Development
  • Franchise Management
  • Smart Reports & Analytics
  • In-built E-commerce
  • Digital Marketing & Lead Generation

Business Leader / Franchise Owner


 We need to have simple and easy way to manage our business

Common Challanges
  •   Our brand has limited visibility. How do I gain the right visibility?
  •   My operation is not integrated with my customer systems.
  •   I need better digital presence across social media
  •   I need to let my customers manage their lifecycle fully online. How do I do that?

We collaborate to provide right solutions at right time!
Get your self-branded front-end mobile app, integrated with our world class back end ERP and targeted digital marketing for higher operational efficiency & customer recall. Our customizable platform will ensure you stay ahead of competition – Always!

Customer Liaison


 We want to spend more time with the customers and less time managing technology systems

Common Challanges
  •   Managing an appointment / booking, and billing should be a breeze
  •   I want to know if my customer has feedback for me
  •   How do I stay connected beyond the appointment?
  •   How do I keep track of my loyal customers and minimize churn?

Move beyond re-active approach to be a pro-active customer centric brand.
Our platform ensures you engage with them better & know what they like of you, or where are the opportunity areas. We help you stay close & connected to customers and increase their loyalty – resulting in high satisfaction & share of their purse value.



 I want a simple and easy way to handle all my requests online

Common Challanges
  •   Why can’t I see my appointments and get alerts just in time – avoiding waiting or slippages?
  •   I want to accrue my loyalty points and automatically adjust against my transactions
  •   I only want offers & best deals that I would be interested in – timely!

Customers love engagement and timely/ real time communication!
We help making engagement easy & simple, ensuring no communication slips through the cracks – let it be appointments, deals, vouchers or loyalty points. We have got them covered resulting in happy customers and strong retention.

“ We outsourced all my technology requirements to ClientSome. Considering I am a start-up, it’s imperative that we manage the quality, budget and timelines for delivery of the systems since every day/ hour delay is a loss. I am impressed with ClientSome’s working ethics and planning – and upon all flexibility to support the client. Thanks for bringing my idea to life so nicely.”

Mumbai, India

“ClientSome team is amazing, they took over all our IT requirements and gave a one stop solution – revamped our website, created an amazing mobile app and their ERP is full of all the modules that a salon like me needs. We have seen increase in loyalty and customer retention after we adopted their solution.”

Headmasters Salon

“It is great to see we are able to coordinate with our clients through the mobile application and could communicate so seamlessly with them. The best is we are able to distribute our patented music to them with potential to decide what we want to make public and use for marketing and rest we keep private just for our paying loyal customers. This is powerful.”

Go Fitness Academy

“We are among the leading batteries suppliers to major players such as Exide but were relying still a lot on manual efforts. While in the launch of our new technology platform for electric vehicles, we trusted ClientSome to provide us customized software and GPS enables mobile app. They were great in terms of timelines for delivery and the quality of the product.”

ESI Batteries
Company Success

Some Quick Company Facts


Software End Users


Website/Apps Delivered


Active Industries Covered


Countries Served


We support multiple industries including retail, fashion, health and fitness, beauty & salon, food etc. The product is designed such that its highly flexible and could be integrated and customized (if required) as per the client specific needs.

This is our unique selling point. We offer ClientSome backend panel which has host of features explained in the website which helps you manage your all backend support system and two mobile applications.
Your self branded client management application which your customers could download from playstore/ app store and engage with you for their appointments, service or product purchase, share inputs and reviews, retain offers that you build etc.
Along with these, we offer digital marketing services to enhance client revenues.

Yes, you can get the mobile applications self branded increasing your brand loyalty and increase customer interaction.

Absolutely, our philosophy is there is no one fit solution to all. Therefore, offer clients flexibility to make platform customized as per their needs and challenges.

The system is made such that it’s very simple to operate. We understand that this should just be an enabler and not another cost to be managed. It could be operated easily by anyone with a few hours of training and walk through.

We have a dedicated relationship manager for all our clients who help them run the system and the clients can request for a meeting as and when they need even after the initial trainings are done.

We value our clients a lot and take pride in building long lasting client collaborations. Having said that, if you are not satisfied we provide more support and if still its not working we arrange for a no questions asked payback based on pro-rata in line with the agreements.
Your self branded client management application which your customers could download from playstore/ app store and engage with you for their appointments, service or product purchase, share inputs and reviews, retain offers that you build etc.
Along with these, we offer digital marketing services to enhance client revenues.

We have an internal IT team and they will be more than happy to support you on that.

Yes, we have a strong communication management integrated which helps client stay on top of all their communication needs.

No, there is no additional maintenance cost outside what has been agreed upon as part of the service agreement.

Yes, that's our another differentiator where we offer clients if they want to have a fully integrated environment and need their website, ClientSome panel and mobile apps integrated.